A New Day
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Patricia's Art
Submitted By: Patricia's Art on October 04, 2009
About the Video: Pictures of Susan performing .Music : The sound track from the movie " The Secret Of Roan Insh "
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roxy54 commented on October 11, 2009
Patricia. Susan and the flowers.... She deserves every flowers of the world despites Susan didn't put Memory in CD.....What a pity!... Beautiful songs. Congratulations
whiskers commented on October 05, 2009
Loved the pics of Susan, enjoyed the music and lovely scenery. Thanks Patricia. Score 10
tumbleweed commented on October 05, 2009
Thank you Patricia. As I was watching and listening I wondered if the Queen -- now at Balmoral -- would invite Susan to sing for her there!
pomsarepeople commented on October 05, 2009
Beautiful! Lovely pictures, especially of Susan.
Selimron commented on October 05, 2009
Such a nice tribute to Lady Susan. Love the Music.
sis23 commented on October 05, 2009
Thanks for the posting Patricia.