A Tribute to Susan
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Submitted By: judy.schumacher on October 03, 2009
About the Video: This is my effort on trying to capture Susan's remarkable life from small child to global star.
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swimmiekimmie commented on October 15, 2009
thank you judy, this was so cool, and it was fun, I know susan would love this too.
Sandrausa commented on October 06, 2009
This is just great,Judy. Thank you so much. Loved the photo,s and the music to accompany it.
DreamLover2 commented on October 06, 2009
A fun tribute to Susan!
violadk commented on October 05, 2009
fantastic tribute. Well done! Score: 10
jaja commented on October 04, 2009
I look again. It is cute. The music be very pretty. You did very good job! Score:10
hisrose4 commented on October 04, 2009
i give this a big 10. Love that Scottish music!
whiskers commented on October 04, 2009
Judy, marvelous job. The fast paced music was perfect for the fast track of Susan's soaring career. Score 10
aunty R commented on October 03, 2009
Thanks Judy, I really enjoyed the pictures and music ---- I'm wondering how Susan enjoyed the trip to California--She looks happy--
sharon lynn commented on October 03, 2009
Hi Judy. You did a terrific job on this. I just enjoyed it sooo much and love the way it moves quickly. Song is great also. Thanks so much.
someone who cares commented on October 03, 2009
This was wonderful. The pictures keep in tempo with the music perfectly, but I wish it wasn't so fast so I could see each one longer. Guess I'll just have to watch a few moer times. :)
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