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Submitted By: fossilbarb on June 22, 2009
About the Video: Songbird:

With favorite photos of Susan.
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irishcild commented on January 12, 2010
fossilbarb well i believe this is babs!!!! how great is that because no other singer moves me like babs except now susan!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!! all i kept thinking about was barbra how very much the story is alike and how gifted they both are!!!! what a blessing lets hope they sing together soon!!!!!!
happylistener commented on November 23, 2009
10 doesn't even come close. She is truly a gift.
happylistener commented on November 23, 2009
hotpotpie commented on July 13, 2009
FossilBarb, I thoroughly enjoyed that "A Song for Susan" that you put together! Was that actually YOUR VOICE singing on the video? Well, whether it was YOUR voice or the voice of another lady, it was tastefully and beautifully done. In fact, I enjoyed the slide show along with the music so very much that I just didn't want it to end! I hope that Susan, herself, watches this video some day. I think that she will appreciate it dearly! Thanks so much for giving us this wonderful video.
Marie-Fan Forever Canada commented on June 24, 2009
Thank you Fossilbard for this beautiful video...a nice song beautifully sug for our Songbird !!!
bizylizy3 commented on June 23, 2009
Very nice us of photos. :) One thing though, the song is obviously copyrighted and if it were on YouTube the audio would be silenced and/or the video deleted.
eagleflight commented on June 23, 2009
This is my favorite song from Barbara Streisand. It fits so perfectly for our Susan!
joaniel commented on June 23, 2009
Nice song, Who is singing this song? Is it Barbara Striasand, whoever it is has a beautiful voice. I agree Susan could do a great job on that song. She has the voice for it. I would love to hear her sing it. Thank You, Fossilbarb. Susan Songbird sing "Songbird&­quot;.
fossilbarb commented on June 23, 2009
Thanks everyone! If I could sing, it would be for our beloved Susan! God bless and keep her safe.
someone who cares commented on June 23, 2009
More great pictures. Susan, I have loved every smiling picture of you I have seen - whether before or after said makeover. You just light up and radiate joy with your smile, your eyes, and your wonderful faces you make. I'm sure you're quite an enjoyable person to be around. Fossilbarb, thanks for this video and song, I used to sing it along with Steisand's CD here in the house. Streisand, Karen Carpenter, Anne Murray, etc... and now Susan Boyle!!
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