BREAKING NEWS - star Susan Boyle has been admitted to a clinic
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Submitted By: Anonymous on June 01, 2009
About the Video: atozlistcelebrity wrote: Star Susan Boyle has been admitted to a clinic. 1.30 AM Monday 1st June Scotland Yard said that police were called to a London hotel on Sunday at 1800 BST to doctors assessing a woman under the Mental Health Act.
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finlandia50 commented on June 02, 2009
I AM CRYING BECAUSE THIS BRUTAL NEW...JUST NOW I DID SEND TO OPRAH...LARRY K.....BBC...SUN­/MIRROR JOURNAL THIS NOTE....PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME AND READ IT...THEM ANSWER..... WHAT ABOUT SUSAN BOYLE NOW...... Responder a todos Reenviar Responder mediante un chat Filtrar mensajes como éste Imprimir Añadir a lista de contactos Eliminar este mensaje Denunciar suplantación de identidad Informar de que no hay "phishing&­quot; (suplantación de identidad) Mostrar original Mostrar con fuente de ancho fijo Mostrar con fuente de ancho variable ¿El texto del mensaje es ilegible? ¿Por qué éste es/no es spam? pedro garcia para OprahNewsletter mostrar detalles 0:23 (hace 10 horas) Responder Mensaje de seguimiento NOW OPRAH,LARRY,NBC­.BBC AND JOURNAL WILL FACE SUSAN BOYLE.. I DONT THINK SOO...... HOW SYNICAL PEAPLES IS.....SUSAN DIDNT WIN....NOW SHE BELONG TO THE PASS........MON­EY MAKING MACHINE STOPED..... BUT IN AMERICA SHE IS ALREADY A HUGE STAR...MORE THAN OBAMA PRESIDENT......­.. IT HAS BEEN CRAZY,SHE HAS GONE FROM ANONYNITY TO BEING THE MOST DOWLOADED WOMAN IN HISTORY....... SHOULD PRAY FOR SUSAN.....GOD BLESS SUSAN........ Posted by LucyB on May 31, 2009 THIS SAYS IT ALL:: (just found this) (CBS) This editorial was written by Chris Matyszczyk, a creative director who advises major corporations on content creation and marketing. Susan Boyle has always come second in life. Second in opportunity. Second, according to those who bullied her in her dismal hometown, in intelligence. And second, one suspects, to the needs of others in her family. By coming in second in "Britain&#­39;s Got Talent," however, Boyle got some relief from the frivolous flickers of fame that were burning her very being. She tossed frumpiness aside, choosing instead to wear the dress of the musical lady she always dreamed of being. Her eyebrows, still tensely clenched for fear of unwarranted attack from some critic, or perhaps some deranged Englishman, told of her determination to stare down her new surroundings. They told of her fierce need to quiet every shake and shiver that must have coursed through her body all week. We had heard that she was breaking down, when it was actually us, or those of us who have heads permanently placed just inside the parts we use for sitting, who were doing the breaking. Journalists goaded her into reaction. Casual bystanders thought they knew, owned her, or at least had every right to either grab her hem or tear it. The "Daily Mail" reported that psychiatrists had been counseling her all week. And then she was supposed to go out and win a talent show that, in her heart, she would have rather have watched in her local pub. She sang "I Dreamed a Dream" with feeling. Many feelings. She felt that the opportunity to do what she desperately craved would be forthcoming whether she won in the eyes of the sedentary or not. She felt that she could sing with defiance and a little delight because this new world into which she had been introduced by the perverse power of the Web allowed her to know about the world beyond her own shores and be known there. She also felt that even if there were some in Britain who wanted to cut her down to size (a finely-tuned British thing to do), there were those all over the world who felt she was the embodiment of all their secret, and even silly, hopes and dreams. That those in Britain believed the extremely entertaining dance group, Diversity, was better mattered nothing. Now Susan Boyle can record and perform. She can enchant America and other places on the globe, where people watched an apparently ordinary human being do something that wasn't merely extraordinary, but that felt extraordinary. Because she made people feel, she can now herself feel at least some joy in being respected, loved and admired. No one will dwell on the fact that she came second in some mercifully mundane little British talent show. Everyone will remember that on some day back in 2009, they watched a video on YouTube and they wept
balackburngirl commented on June 02, 2009
Susan is doing fine, she will be heading back to scotland very soon. It was not a mental breakdown she had as reported however an anxiety attack made worse with no sleep and not eating. I have word from a very realiable source that susan has accepted an invitation to the whitehouse on the 4th july.
cat28 commented on June 01, 2009
I never thought id say this, but i'm ashamed to be British.We have showed the world what an ugly and cruel nation we truely are. The news that susan is in a clinic for stress is not suprising after the week she has had. She is a vunerable lady with learning difficulties and our press (especially The sun) have destroyed her with their vicious lies. If i was susan i would go to America for a break, as they seem to have more compassion and are able appreciate her amazing talent. Thank you America, you have restored my faith in humanity
balackburngirl commented on June 01, 2009
re calling missboyle her brother gerry is a lawyer
delly commented on June 01, 2009
I meant to rate this a 10 but hit the wrong star.
delly commented on June 01, 2009
blackburngirl, please keep us informed if you hear any updates on Susan. We want to know how she is. We are all worried and upset at this news.
sewing_diva commented on June 01, 2009
It is so sad. I believe that the media built her up just so they could knock her down again. They can be so cruel. Susan we all love you and are pulling for you. Don't listen to what the media has to say about you. I will be praying for you.
callingmissboyle commented on June 01, 2009
The first thing these people do is take away your ability to communicate with family. Then they'll say they didn't contact family because Susan is over 18. My guess is that the thing that Susan did to get the police called on her was to insist that she go home. She probably really wanted to get out of there, knowing that family was worried. God knows what the "authoriti­es" are doing to her now. And they have ways to cover it all.
callingmissboyle commented on June 01, 2009
blackburn girl, this is all very serious. I sent you a message, please will you write back via my email. I am afraid they will next provoke Susan to try to harm herself so they can be rid of all responsibility for her. They would love it if she committed suicide and they got the family to agree to donate her organs. The medical industry especially would love to use her as a spokesperson for organ donation of the brain damaged. In a nutshell this is behind all her troubles from start to finish. The world is being brainwashed to think "brain damaged" people should supply spare bodyparts. Susan needs a lawyer and to get away from BGT as soon as possible. She has loads of ammunition against them, especially Piers, to break any contract if she gets out and away from them.
kygrandmabetty commented on June 01, 2009
we all wish her the very best, she is exhausted, pushing herself so hard and the tabloids hounding her. wish they would just leave her alone. only top journalists should have access to her. but i have no fear that she will bounce back once she gets her rest. she is a wonderful and spirited person.
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