Blue Horizon A Dream of Romance
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Submitted By: Tadreamer on September 07, 2009
About the Video: Piers and Miss Susan may not be a couple yet, but one can still dream.

"First time ever I saw your face" - Roberta Flack
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jaja commented on September 13, 2009
Is need have a dream. This is very beautiful video. Thanks for dream. Score: 10
Tadreamer commented on September 09, 2009
The video is basically a bit of romanticism kind of on the order of the romance novels ladys are fond of. Wishful thinking. I read some time ago that Piers has a girl friend, and that miss Susan said he could kiss her on the cheek but no further. I would, like a lot of folks would like to see something develope tho.
tumbleweed commented on September 09, 2009
May I add a little history that lends itself to 'the dream'. Susan spoke to the press just after her 'aired' audition who published her admiration for 'baby-face' Piers. Piers was flattered and invited Susan to a 'dinner-date' on the Larry King Show. Susan kissed Piers, 'excitedly&­#39; after her semi-final. Amanda spoke of Susan's 'crush' on Piers. Piers has continued to speak to the press and told them "to back off". Piers obviously wanted Susan to win the BGT contest by his final comments prior to Susan attaining second place. He was there after the show to comfort her in an embrace. (Just history!)
Bklvr79 commented on September 08, 2009
Great Video!
cindy v commented on September 08, 2009
voice is so fantastic
Tadreamer commented on September 08, 2009
Marjenda, when there is love in your heart, thats just the way it is.
a fan from thailand commented on September 08, 2009
Very much beautiful video.
Marjenda commented on September 07, 2009
Very nice. Thank you! I keep asking myself why my heart thumps in my chest like it does whenever I watch anything regarding Susan Boyle. And why tears come to my eyes and sometimes spill over. I guess I ought to stop asking why and just except it.
tumbleweed commented on September 07, 2009
Delicately made -- a dream, but a thoughtful one! One notices, as we watched the BGT contest and the eye contact these two developed then, and Piers support throught the coming weeks for Susan. They are both in the entertainment world; possibilities!!
someone who cares commented on September 07, 2009
That was very sweet. Beautiful.
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