ITN - Susan Boyle's doll is a sellout
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Submitted By: Anonymous on May 18, 2009
About the Video: itn wrote: A miniature Susan Boyle doll has sold out. The star has been made into a collectors item by a fan from America.
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Vulcangirl commented on June 15, 2009
it's a good idea but this doll does not do Susan justice at all. But I but some original regular doll maker (like matel or others) will be making the Susan doll. I own a small hose business of custom tee shirts, I can take any picture you want and put it on a t-shirt. I thought of just doing some with her picture with the words "ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS"
JJ :) commented on June 15, 2009
Re: Ol'Dan - YOU are RIGHT Dan!!!!!!!! THIS is ridiculous! It is NOT right, Susan is just being USED and all she is getting so far is SICK and WORN OUT!!! She NEEDS to be PROTECTED - NOW!! That doll is cute, but it doesn't do her justice. I hope someone comes out with a better one.
ammo commented on June 15, 2009
The giveaway competion was lots on fun on the blog. People opened themselves up to tell how Susan had affected their lives, me included.....I did a 180 on my original comment an the doll....and pulled out all the try and win her.
ammo commented on June 15, 2009
Boy and I EATING my own words....when this little doll was offered as a giveaway, a long time after my above comments...I was only TOO pleased to try and win it...and I I am so excited and can't wait for 'little'­; Susan to arrive at my home in Canada (I emigrated here from N.E. England in 82) and am now being carried away with Boylemania. If ANYONE returns to this site to read comments...thou­ght I would update MINE :)
Sueandpebbles commented on May 19, 2009
I have held off buying anything with Susan's image on it (even tho I would love a t-shirt for finals night!) as I would rather wait until it's "official merchandise&quo­t; and I know Susan will benefit from the sale. So until then I am saving my money to go and see her in concert and to buy her first C.D
flyingdoggie commented on May 19, 2009
Some of the comments here regarding the dollmaker from Illinois are ridiculous. From what I've read, she is a homeschooling mom of 4, who makes folk dolls (which are caricatures, by the way) of people from history and literature, and few living people. The comments I've read on here are downright cruel! I have an Etsy business myself, and many of us on there are common people - I believe the British press is the one who is "cashing in" - they are stretching this whole story with phrases such as "sold out" "flying off the shelves" - this person, like most of us on Etsy, makes things one at a time - how could they be sold out??? Flying off the shelves? Ridiculous! Check on Etsy yourself. If anyone is cashing in, it's the British Press. You Brits need to sweep your own doorstep before trying to straighten out the rest of the world. Talk about cashing in...I imagine Susan's attorney won't do it for free, her siblings will get a part of the jackpot, so many people from your own country will be cashing in, why pick on some person who just picks out Susan Boyle as one of her many heroes? Again, I repeat, this is BLOODY RIDICULOUS! An irate American.
flyingdoggie commented on May 19, 2009
flyingdoggie commented on May 19, 2009
Lonnirose commented on May 19, 2009
That doll looks NOTHING like Susan. She deserves a much prettier doll with her lovely smile and sweet face. I love Susan, but I would not buy that homely doll.
ammo commented on May 19, 2009
Quite a good idea....but cowboy hats off to Wild 'Ol Dan. You are so articulate and seem to have your finger on the pulse of the legal side of things....hopef­ully Susan does have a great team behind her look after her. I don't suppose you can control what individuals will do to meet the demand out there for Susan collectibles...­but I'd rather wait for the 'official&#­39; likeness in miniature....IF I wanted to buy one....But I am not a doll collector. Just voted for Susan on the site I found on the Playlist this morning. If you haven't voted yet...I think it's above board....then maybe you could find it and vote.
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