CelebTV on Susan Harper's Bazaar - 8/5/09
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Kerstin, Sweden
Submitted By: Kerstin, Sweden on August 05, 2009
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Lisabeth2 commented on August 17, 2009
Kjempebra Kerstin ! Great Kerstin, Sweden !
CzechLadyUSA commented on August 06, 2009
Kerstin, Thank you so much for posting this video. It is so wonderful to see our "Lady"­; Susan. She looks radiant and happy.
Jbright9 commented on August 06, 2009
Thank you for posting this. I love seeing Susan being treated like a Queen. She deserves it. She seems very happy which makes me happy.
marikasister commented on August 06, 2009
Thank you Kerstin for a nice video! You must be very good at handle computers! Thanks to HarperĀ“s Bazaar too, who made it possible!
Marie-Fan Forever Canada commented on August 06, 2009
Thank You Harper's Bazaar ! Your teamwork with Susan was a beauty to read and watch!!! Classy, glamorous, honest. sensitive and respectful !!! Watch out Folks...Septemb­er Issue...Coming soon but will be sold-out fast...! Get ready ! Beautiful work Dear Susan ! We love to get to know you a little more ! Ciao. Marie-Fan...