Congrats. Susan What a Year 2009 for You
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Submitted By: judy.schumacher on December 20, 2009
About the Video: This is my salute to my favorite entertainer for all that she has achieved in such a short time.
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sunny skies commented on June 27, 2010
That was so great!
husker2 commented on January 12, 2010
Our fair ladie's dream has only just begun..
CowgirlTX commented on January 07, 2010
Still a 10: one of my favorites. Thanks
soniam commented on December 29, 2009
10!! extra
Hischild828 commented on December 24, 2009
10++++++ WOW I AGree with roseate's comments .. the video is so awesome and the MUSIC OOh my that sure was Susan. Love this site also I sure hope Susan comes here when feeling low as we all have those moments and her heart can be lifted. WE Love you Susan is so incredible what you have accomplished in the year 2009 that was so much turmoil and pressure. I love you Susan, Sandi from Augusta, GA...usa
husker2 commented on December 23, 2009
A very telling tribute! With out one word out of her mouth, you surmised her improbable year. May this be the beginning of something that may never end ..
Pat Carter commented on December 22, 2009
God has given us all a great Christmas gift in Susan Boyle. She comes to ua at a time when spirts are low and the world seemd such a harsh place. She is the true meaning of Gods gift. Can't wait for the next album!!!
ynnig commented on December 21, 2009
Thank you Susan. My prayers and love for you. Happy New Year! Love, Ginny McShane,Moss Beach, California
CowgirlTX commented on December 21, 2009
Score 10+++ Your video salute is "saweet&qu­ot; as my daughters say...wonderful and exciting moments captured together beautifully. The music is wonderful, also...can you share your source/s...make­s my Scotch-Irish blood bubble with joy. Thanks so much for your time and effort. Happy Christmas from Texas!
sis23 commented on December 21, 2009
Thank you, I enjoyed this video. The stained glass window is a nice ending.
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