Corrigan Brothers...Pebbles Boyle (Spare A Thought for Me)
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Submitted By: Anonymous on April 29, 2009
About the Video: donnchac wrote: The life of Susan Boyles Cat , Pebbles
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skipper1 commented on June 04, 2009
This is very cute. I'm sure everyone is going to want a "Pebbles&q­uot; of their own.
amysole commented on June 02, 2009
hang on pebbles,Susan misses you too
camisu11 commented on May 29, 2009
Hang in there Pebbles, Mom will be home and the town going to paint the town red!!!!
Cookiezzz commented on May 12, 2009
This is so funny. I'm sure Susan's loving this one!!!!
Lovin' Every Minute! commented on May 08, 2009
Very funny! Looks like some of these cats came straight from Monty Python's "Confuse-A-Cat" skit!
fastdriver commented on May 03, 2009
Great video! I KNOW Susan would NEVER neglect Pebbles! Score: 10
kittycat commented on May 02, 2009
Susan would never neglect Pebbles, she loves her cat. Video was funny, nice job.
chapak commented on May 02, 2009
ammo commented on May 02, 2009
My daughter (25) and chasing HER own dream in Toronto...worki­ng VERY hard to do so.....she came home this weekend and I showed her this video...and others of course...She can't help but know about Susan Boyle now that I am a fan.....well...­she just loved this video...being a true music lover AND a cat lover.....She especially liked the 'loppy' cat (folder over and limp on the couch...)...lov­ed the song too. Plus, I got to watch it all over again.
dancinbootz commented on May 02, 2009
this is great - good job fellas - as a cat lover (dog lover too), I'm sure pebbles will be a star soon too !!
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