Cute Susan
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Submitted By: jaja on September 14, 2009
About the Video: I thanks Tania for pictures, it be Tania work. Sorry for sound. Fanda
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DREAMINGPIM commented on October 13, 2009
someone who cares commented on September 16, 2009
Thanks for the wonderful pictures. to think Susan is here in my own state and I still don't get to see her in person. Susan, we love you here and around the world. You have a voice that can touch the heart.
Selimron commented on September 15, 2009
Our Lady Susan is kinda cute. Simon & Piers are definately not "cute"­;. I enjoyed the song even though I can't understand the words.
camisu11 commented on September 15, 2009
jaja words words we would love to know the words, just tell us the words and even if the meaning is difficult maybe we can get the happy loving message. I love Susan riding in a little boat at disney and then Piers and the big fancy boat. Great fun!
threebs commented on September 15, 2009
This is very nice Jaja. I rate it 10. You have access to some nice new photos. Thank you for sharing. Linda Rae
jaja commented on September 15, 2009
He sing: I want be sun in your cheek... and she: you be the right real guy, who could resist you...
jaja commented on September 15, 2009
Sorry, the second part there not belong.It be mistake.
sadie3lisa commented on September 15, 2009
I love this video, I too wish I could understand the words. Anyone able to put the words down for us?? I love the music up tempo beat of the first song :)
lynnc commented on September 15, 2009
Very enjoyable - shows many of her "baby steps". Wow! That baby's growing FAST huh?
matty commented on September 15, 2009
The music an songs were beautiful, even tho' I don't understand the words! Excellent video. Score: 10. Love to all. xxxx.
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