Dreams Do Come True...
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Submitted By: SouthernHeart on December 02, 2009
About the Video: I'm such a fan of Susan's! I did this little slideshow as a tribute for my Susan blog:

I've read several places that the song playing is her favorite song. I hope she and you enjoy it!

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dingbatshine commented on February 07, 2010
nice pic story.. i wish Susan includes the song "There'­;s a place for us" in her next album. Score 10
lore commented on December 09, 2009
Love susan boyle Her Tv special is on Sunday Please post on youtube also She sings with Elaine Page,Donny and does a little Dance on the TV Special.. Congrats susan boyle
Selimron commented on December 03, 2009
SouthernHeart, This is a time for us - This is Susan's time.
Azimat commented on December 03, 2009
There is a place for Lady Susan, and she shows the whole world that the possibility is there for even the seemingly most ordinary person. Thanks for this beautifully produced video.
monkeybag commented on December 03, 2009
That was an awesome video!!
someone who cares commented on December 03, 2009
So glad to hear how well Susan's CD is selling. You deserve this Susan! Wow, just think of all the money you'll earn in just these few months. Makes up for the income from years before and then some! Susan is more than a beautifully gifted singer. Susan is a sweet, genuine, fun-loving fellow human being and I'm so glad she's getting her due and sharing herself with all of us.
Sandrausa commented on December 03, 2009
Just beautiful, Southernheart. And, we, her fans are seeing her dream come true.
aunty R commented on December 03, 2009
Lovely tribute to a lovely woman. Some pictures I haven't seen before. The music was wonderful I love Zemphi(spelling­) and with the beautiful soft pictures of Susan the experience was one to enjoy. Thank you.
bobnc commented on December 03, 2009
Excellent slideshow! After we have listen Susan Boyle we recognize how many flaws Beyonce, Gaga and Rihanna have. They could learn thing or two from Susan. She is the benchmark now.
theumpteenthtimes commented on December 03, 2009
Susan Boyle Sells More CDs Than Susan Boyle and Susan Boyle Combined READ MORE at theumpteenthtim­ "Music News That's Fit to Fake"
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