Everythings Coming Up Roses
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Submitted By: Patricia's Art on September 07, 2009
About the Video: Everythings Coming Up Roses

Artist : Ruthie Henshall
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PWattis commented on September 09, 2009
I would love to hear see sing this song and see her play this part! She would be wonderful!
camisu11 commented on September 08, 2009
It is like Bridjet is talking to her all thru the song, and I like someonewhocares said have a broadway play cast meet and welcome her. Let's give her the red carpet treatment, let the UK know WE LOVE SUSAN!!!!!
bluewren commented on September 07, 2009
someone who cares commented on September 07, 2009
I loved this. It would be great if Susan's welcome to America would include a cast on broadway welcoming her with that song. Curtain up!!
favorite commented on September 07, 2009
Good,good,good! I can feel the excitement. Can't wait for Susan to be here in the US! Score 10+.
john1234 commented on September 07, 2009
Susan certainly deserves roses all the way. I hope she gets them. As a Catholic, Susan knows all about the "Little Flower" who is the Saint for Susan, who has now become one of the most famous women in the world.
a fan from thailand commented on September 07, 2009
Wow...patricia.­..It is great! The right song for the right person. I love it, thank you.