Fans Giveaway Susan Boyle Badges
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Submitted By: Anonymous on September 04, 2009
About the Video: FANS failed to show their support for Susan Boyle when a Japanese film crew visited the stars hometown of Blackburn yesterday (Fri).

Two of Subos biggest fans flew over from the States to meet up with a crew from Japans state broadcasters HMK to show them around the West Lothian town.

But they couldnt find any of the singers fans so resorted to giving out SuBo badges to bemused passers-by.

Leslie McMillan who had travelled from New York - said: We just wanted to see where Susan Boyle was from and what her life was like before she became famous.

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Susan fanatic in Japan commented on September 04, 2009
Majority of Susan's fans are outside UK. I wish each Susan fan can get one badge each. We will all be thrilled for sure. Leslie and Marie, you two ladies are very inspiring. Keep that attitude up! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us who can't make it there. You are doing a great job! Keep on going!
tweek commented on September 04, 2009
Leslie & Marie, we are so happy you are over there representing all us American fans and working with the Japanese film crew. We will be looking forward to hearing more from your visit.
marikasister commented on September 04, 2009
Leslie and Marie, Keep on going, you are doing really well and you are among SUSAN fans from all over the world! Why do you say: "Fans failed to show their support"? YOU KNOW NOTHING! Marie and Leslie know everythng! ♥/marikasister
Patricia's Art commented on September 04, 2009
Leslie and Marie make great correspondents!