Fred O'Neil on Susan Sep 17, 2009 GMTV
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Kerstin, Sweden
Submitted By: Kerstin, Sweden on September 17, 2009
About the Video: Really nice interview!
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Sugar Puddin commented on September 19, 2009
Wonder if he is married? I will buy his albums. Love his voice.
Jbright9 commented on September 18, 2009
Fred seems to have a very calming way about him. I think he makes a perfect friend for Susan. I am glad she has him in her corner.
Richard James commented on September 18, 2009
They seem so close, they obviously have great chemistry, Susan needs him by alongside her...
someone who cares commented on September 17, 2009
That was a wonderful interview with Susan's voice instructor. I know he also performs and from the sound of his speaking voice alone, I bet a song with both Susan and Fred would be AMAZING.
pretty@55 commented on September 17, 2009
Really nice guy.
aunty R commented on September 17, 2009
Fred O'Neil has a quiet air about him that shows how much Susan must trust him. He is so positive about all his responses about Susan, and you can tell he really likes her. I didn't see any ego in his remarks, others might have taken all the credit for her performance to show how great they are; bu not this man. He is part of her success because he cares enough for her to give her the tools she needs to sharpen her voice, not to mention courage.
pardonmeboy commented on September 17, 2009
i just love this man. There's something so gentle about him and I am so happy to know that they are still in touch with each other. I hope he's been allowed into the recording studio now and then. Maybe he'll stay in London to meet up with Susan now that she is back in the UK or maybe she'll have another wee visit back home. We don't half do a lot of speculating. They must think we are off our head. If you haven't yet heard Fred sing, do "Google&qu­ot; him or go to his website at www.fredoneil.c­om - his voice has such clarity.
youareloved commented on September 17, 2009
Thanks Fred O'Neil for supporting Susan! Bless you!
PWattis commented on September 17, 2009
Some silly questions on the part of the interviewer, I thought. But Fred O'Neil is a good friend to Susan. I e-mailed him and he did responded. He really does want to set the record straight about her when he's given the opportunity.
sis23 commented on September 17, 2009
Great interview, Thanks for the posting Kerstin.