GMTV Sep 15 Susan in America
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Kerstin, Sweden
Submitted By: Kerstin, Sweden on September 15, 2009
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Richard James commented on September 18, 2009
It's obvious that the friendship and chemistry she has with Fred Oneil is extra special, I understand none of her family took any interest in Susan before BGT?
Graysea commented on September 16, 2009
I think the British fans love Susan. The reporters do not seemed to have much USA info for their interviews, so they guess. This may be an early interview, remember that the song was supposed to be a big secret, and Gerry was probably told not to say anything. One thing about the other reporter, Karen Myer (I think that's the reporter's name) is that she did an interview with Susan way back in May. She was wonderful with Susan. Karen was in Susan's house and it looked like they were having a lot of fun. Score 10
mystslaw commented on September 15, 2009
Thank you, Kerstin! I hadn't heard this interview before and very much appreciate your posting it.
tumbleweed commented on September 15, 2009
Susan's brother has always stressed Susan's ability to cope, so long as she is allowed to sing! As mentioned, below, the British Press -- still -- tries to denigrate Susan in some form or other. America gives Susan the applause she so rightly deserves. I'm a naturalised Australian from the UK and I cannot understand the 'new breed' of citizens there who don't realise what a great person Susan is.
bestisahead commented on September 15, 2009
Why do you think Americans have always loved Susan? The answer to the question seems so obvious!! We appreciate her breathtaking voice, humility, and gentleness. The British press seem to relish in being the playground bullies and destroying people for their pinheaded, mean-spirited pleasure. America treasures the treasure that is Susan. The Brits could learn from this!!
mdyblsfan commented on September 15, 2009
Thanks for posting the interview!
jaja commented on September 15, 2009
Thanks Kerstin.It be very nice hear brother Susan, and I not speak English, but I think he love Susan. Fanda
realsbfan commented on September 15, 2009
How can the reporter get the wrong network CBS ?? It's NBC who show AGT !!
Selimron commented on September 15, 2009
Garry Boyle - you must listen to your Sister sing "Wild Horses". It is Beautiful as is Susan herself. Thanks go to Kirsten for allowing all of us to hear it.
roseate commented on September 15, 2009
Now that you mention it, Pardonmeboy, let me copy here my comment on Tommy's site to this interview. Thank you Tommy! Difficult to comment on this interview. The most important is that Susan knows her fans around the world have already been listening and will keep listening to her beautiful, moving interpretation of "Wild Horses" uncounted times!
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