Susan Boyle makes American news headlines - CNN and The Simpsons too
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Submitted By: Anonymous on May 26, 2009
About the Video: jamiepughblog wrote: The lady from a small village in Scotland makes world headline news! Shes even in the Simpsons. visit my blog for all the latest news and video stories about Britains Got Talent and watch the show again in full HD. or why not visit for all the latest Jamie Pugh news stories. Amazing Susan through to Saturdays Live Final show.
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dove commented on May 30, 2009
rated score 10
gasasyn commented on May 27, 2009
Score: 10+
Goodsoul commented on May 26, 2009
My heart slightly skip a beat when i heard the first few notes, but Susan pick up afterward. A job well done.
wdfree5 (TN-USA) commented on May 26, 2009
Thanks for sharing. GO SUSAN!!!!!!!!
lillybet commented on May 26, 2009
I have been enthralled by this woman and her voice for 6 weeks now-just an amazing talent! A+++++ Susan from Arizona, USA
GueroMex commented on May 26, 2009
I believe Susan missing the first notes.....will make her stronger for the finals. She can sing no doubt!
Janie commented on May 26, 2009
What a wonderful talent!!
delly commented on May 26, 2009
I felt really bad for Susan on those first notes, but she rallied quickly and finished very well. She said she had a cold. That'll do it every time. I can't wait to see what she will sing in the finals. Thanks for posting this.
Wild Ol' Dan commented on May 26, 2009
Howdy Pards, I'm tellin' ya pards it's not just her spectacular singing it's her whole personality...e­verything about her that we love! When she wins the ENTIRE WORLD is gonna be celebrating! She has touched our hearts in ways we still do not understand...bu­t, one thing is for certain, the love we feel for her is about as real as anything is ever gonna get. Let's pray for that moment when she once again walks out on that stage and brings us even more joy and happiness with her wonderful voice and even more wonderful smile...and let the celebration begin! Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail. Wild Ol' Dan
_sie commented on May 26, 2009
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