Hello Susan!
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Submitted By: KDforSB on November 13, 2009
About the Video: Hope this brings smiles. Take Good Care!
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Patpal commented on May 08, 2010
and I'm sure Susan would love it too! (the message got cut off)
Patpal commented on May 08, 2010
What a great video, I love it, and I’m sure Susan would too!
Shirley RC commented on March 22, 2010
Love everything about this. Thank you. Shirley RC
tborn13 commented on January 07, 2010
clap myhands to you
canophy commented on January 05, 2010
Susan, I would love for you and Elaine Paige to put your duet on a CD. Myself and several friends play this 2 or 3 times a day. Please Please make another CD. I hope you keep making public appearances. We love you. You don't have to be a diva just be yourself.. Love you just the way you are now.
tumbleweed commented on December 21, 2009
Thank you KDforSB I too, loved the red scarves as well as the cats and dog. I thought your happy smile and best wishes would bring joy to Susan. Score 10.
Sandrausa commented on December 06, 2009
I just love your furry friends you have. They love Susan and Pebbles too. I did love the red scarfs!
canophy commented on December 05, 2009
canophy commented on December 05, 2009
Hi Susan, Love Love Love you, and your music. Your voice touches my sole. watch you two or three times a day. I would like to see a picture of your quilt. Someone hold it up so we can see the entire quilt. God's peace to you dear one. My prayers are with you.
Maggie Blue commented on November 20, 2009
My gosh - Kim!!!!!! Am so surprised you made this - it's good - and I know you love Susan Boyle. So do I - does she remind you any of me? ((Except that I can't sing of course...)) MaggieBlue in Florida
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