How To Sing with Susan's voice coach Yvie Burnett
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Kerstin, Sweden
Submitted By: Kerstin, Sweden on September 27, 2009
About the Video: Check out Yvie Burnett tips on improving your singing voice, performance and style
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wee commented on October 01, 2009
I think that Yvie being Scottish will alow Susan to feel comfortable while she is in London and they will have more in common than people may first imagine. This video does not do her justice. She is a warm friendly person which does not show in this video and she has been full of praise for Susan, her voice and her willingness to work hard.
Richard James commented on September 30, 2009
I struggle to accept people that are out to promote mobile phone retailers, that are involved with a quick buck style show, I don't think she is very sincere, I love Susan Boyle, but this lady has added nothing to Susan.
marfran commented on September 28, 2009
I want to hear Susan sing "Don't Wait for Me, Argentina"
susieairplane commented on September 28, 2009
Another insight on why our sweet Susan places her hand on her tummy.
Kerstin, Sweden commented on September 28, 2009
Ha ha Irma what a great idea! When we have practiced well and enough we can contact Simon for a record contract :-D
groenwold commented on September 28, 2009
Thanks Kerstin. I'll start practising today. if I need a partner will you sing along with me?? (ha, ha that would be nice) Love from Irma