I Dreamed A Dream
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Patricia's Art
Submitted By: Patricia's Art on August 28, 2009
About the Video: I Dreamed A Dream
By Susan Boyle

1st Audition version

(With a few new pictures captured from video's)
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Jeana commented on November 17, 2009
Well done, Pat. Love the way your video documented her success. Thanks, I enjoyed it.
PWattis commented on August 31, 2009
sis23 commented on August 30, 2009
I still cry everytime I hear Lady Susan sing this song. Thank you for the posting.
Selimron commented on August 29, 2009
What can I say but "BRAVO&quo­t; Lady Susan.
eg07 commented on August 29, 2009
It is never enough!
camisu11 commented on August 29, 2009
We need to hear Susan more more more. I am possibly asking something sensitive but I hope you all help build Susan's YouTube audition http://www.yout­­­=­9lp0IWv8QZY&am­p;­feature=relat­ed. If you just can't then go to DocRobbie's new version. I would just like to keep Susan being the internet phenomenon. What does that say about her as our fans? That we care to keep her count high because she is the best!!! Support the YouTube count for Susan on the audition. You can play 3 or more at a time simultaneosly and continuously while you are busy on the net. When watching it 2-4 at a time is so so so fun to see the different scenes unfold all together all at once. Please lets get the count up to 74 million on this video or get Doc Robbie's up higher. The news will go crazy over Susan if her counts double. Today. (Twilight is getting near her count plus another one)
Joan M - for Susan commented on August 29, 2009
Absolutely lovely Patricia. Thank you for your creative talent and sharing this lovely video with us. I hope Susan gets to see it someday.
ishkamarie commented on August 29, 2009
Hi Pat, I never tire of hear her sing that song. It is so beautiful. Just enough spacing between the pictures for my eyes to be able to see each frame. rated 10. ishkamarie