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Submitted By: TommyUSA on June 16, 2009

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bluewren commented on July 05, 2009
Very beautiful.
JudyMcKinn commented on June 26, 2009
That was beautiful. I am sitting here blubbering like a fool. Her wings are still unfolding, and her beauty will continue to grow and grow.
mirthcolorado commented on June 22, 2009
100, I rate this 100!! Beautiful for a beautiful woman...
Kelly commented on June 20, 2009
That 'sweet butterfly' is certainly our 'sweet Susan'. Well done!
Nubbin1018 commented on June 18, 2009
Thank you for this wonderful video! You said the things I feel but could not put into words. Susan is a gift to the world and so are you.
bernicer commented on June 18, 2009
I love Susan's voice, I listen to a song at least once a day. She has been blessed with a special gift that opens the door to ones heart. This video is so true and very well done. However, this is a cruel world and a butterfly is fragile. I pray Susan has the right people around her to support her and have her best interest at heart.
joaniel commented on June 17, 2009
Oh Tommy, Isn't that Susan allover. She has spent 47 years a caterpillar, but oh what a transformation, in less then 3 months...She will always and forever be our butterfly angel. She is such a sweet/pure/gent­le/kind/and giving lady, We will always love her and that is the greatest gift we could give her. And she will share herself and her fabulous voice!!! Money is not her thing, I'm afraid she will find more happiness giving it away, but our love and admiration will be what brings her the greatest joy & happiness. I hope the good Lord watches over her, because I'm afraid she will be watching over everybody but herself... Besides her lovely voice and marvelous sense of humor & gift to bring joy, she has always been a care giver...I am very thankful she is here for us... She is one very special and amazing lady!!!.
Cita commented on June 17, 2009
How sweet and moving way to let Susan and the world know how her voice touch our hearts and souls! Thanks again Tommy. BRAVO!
wenvas commented on June 17, 2009
TommyUSA - I've only now managed to view this very beautiful! Thank you!
GLisaKK commented on June 17, 2009
This one brought tears to my eyes. It's so true. Thanks Tommy.
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