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Submitted By: TommyUSA on July 30, 2009
About the Video: 'I Saw A Butterfly'

This is a remake of my
original 'I Saw A Butterfly Today'

graphic animations by

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tumbleweed commented on September 14, 2009
This has been a favourite of mine -- something like a parent to watch a child emerging self-confidence. Perhaps we are all similar -- feeling so proud of Susan, and her growing status in society; loving her all the way she travels. Thank you Tommy.
Jeana commented on August 02, 2009
Tommy, you have expressed the love we feel for Susan, and I think you did a great job. We do love her, she is beautiful! Love to Susan fans-
tweek commented on August 01, 2009
Beautiful music. Loved the words expressed in this as much as the overall video. Very well done.
laverne commented on August 01, 2009
This one made me cry. I love all of your vidios. I love Susan and pray for her every night. Rate this one 100%
CzechLadyUSA commented on August 01, 2009
Beautiful. Thank you Tommy!
ishkamarie commented on August 01, 2009
Hi Tommy, I found a couple of beautiful songs to use in a video but I do not know how to use them legally. Where do I go to find out it they are available to use. I prefer soft, musical sounds for Susan's videos. Can you tell me how to get started. Thanks in advance. Ishkamarie@aol.­com
cinders commented on July 31, 2009
brillient as always tommy wot a gift you have love your videos they are so touching love it score 12+++++++++++++­++++
mystslaw commented on July 31, 2009
Wonderful symbolism for our beautiful Susan coming out of her cocoon to meet the world. Thank you, Tommy! Love it! Go, Susan!!!
roxy54 commented on July 31, 2009
Tommy! You are right: we are so proud of Susan..... Wonderful video!!!....
Pete P commented on July 31, 2009
Nicely done Tommy, You always do such a bautiful job on your videos.....Pete P
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