I don't have money to send you roses but I will send you a Kiss...
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Submitted By: Chenando on May 25, 2009
About the Video: Dear Susan:

Suddenly I am unable to write. I wish I could put in words exactly what your performances make feel, when you sang the song from "Les Miserables" which has to do with a dream, and "Memories", which has to do about life, suddenly I start crying.

You are not from my generation, because I am a baby boomer. But you sing a lot like the best singer I admire, (I will not tell the name but some letters in this parenthesis are her initials).

Anyway, I am sending this kiss from San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Love and peace always, and lots of luck next Saturday!

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stepwung commented on October 28, 2009
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stepwung commented on October 28, 2009
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Bohemian Spirit commented on May 28, 2009
That was sweet. ;-)
huggys commented on May 28, 2009
that was lovely what you said straight from the heart
YourAwesome commented on May 26, 2009
Awwwwwwwwww that was soooooooo sweet...Love the cute smile you give Susan too!! Special!! Keep posting!!!
ammo commented on May 26, 2009
Sorry about mispelling your name once...but I am so tired and now need a rest. Forgive the error...
joaniel commented on May 26, 2009
That was so sweet, I know Susan would give you one of her lovely warm smiles for that. score: 10
MJ from USA commented on May 26, 2009
awww. that was sweet!
ammo commented on May 26, 2009
Forgot to say....Hi from one baby boomer to another....
ammo commented on May 26, 2009
Beautiful words Chenando. A true fan. A man not afraid to put his feeling and his heart out there for Susan. Thank you for that lovely posting. I am not able to do what you video clips....I just have my words....but my words are echoed in your clip. Thank you so much Chenanda. From Anne-Marie in Canada. Susan is very special....I would not have been able to talk to you and the hundreds of others around the world had it not been for Susan. Wow....what delight. Best wishes. AMMO
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