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Submitted By: TommyUSA on August 05, 2009
About the Video: ''ISN'T SHE LOVELY'' A tribute to Lady Susan

And a big ''Thank You'' to Harper's Bazaar!


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jtl commented on December 23, 2009
Tommy, thank you. As always you did a beautiful job. I love every picture, The clothes were beautiful, the poses were beautiful, the background was awesome and she looked truly beautiful. Thanks to Harpers Bazaar.
LG commented on September 23, 2009
Thank you Tommy. Susan deserves everything good. I am so glad she is getting the attention. I love her hair style in the shots. I wish it could always be styled that way. It makes her look the best.
tumbleweed commented on September 09, 2009
Ooops, my score should read 10 -- sorry -- fingers were not working properly!
Loyal4Boyle commented on September 07, 2009
I enjoyed that very much. I always look forward to your videos! Keep'm coming. Score (((((10)))))
Fire Djinn commented on September 07, 2009
I always love watching a TommyUSA video, they are both entertaining, and beautiful. The amount of work and heart shows in them keep on putting them out Tommy, and I'll keep watching them. Great job once again. Score: 11
^Jan commented on September 03, 2009
WE visited my daughter in the UK and saw Susan for the very first time. My husband and I absolutley loved her voice and Susan, 'You are a star'.
Cita commented on August 24, 2009
Indeed, Susan is lovely; and you Tommy are very talented. Great!
songbirdfan commented on August 23, 2009
Yes! Susan looks so beautiful! Quite lovely! And she looks like she is still "enjoying every second" and would "do it again". Love the kisses at the end! Thank you, Tommy. :)
muddymiss commented on August 22, 2009
Great video Tommy USA!
tweek commented on August 19, 2009
Great job, Tommy. Thank you once again for this special video. This was a perfect choice of music for this photo shoot. Especially, enjoyed the ending with Susan bestowing kisses on everyone. Oh, too, cute.
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