If She Only Knew
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Submitted By: Tadreamer on September 21, 2009
About the Video: Our Lovely Lady Susan Boyle.
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sailette commented on November 09, 2009
Good Grief.... how did I miss this marvelous video.....Great coordination of words and px of Our Susan..... I love the faces she makes during her "know nothing" moments. And you're right about the "Kilted caller"...­..that, to me, represents the whole world falling at her feet..... ~~~/)~~~4:28pm,­nj,usa
whiskers commented on October 01, 2009
Great video, great pics and music. Score 10
BookLady38 commented on September 30, 2009
OOPS! Sorry just messed up on the rating! This is a 10+!!! Just love video, perfect song for a person who is beautiful on the outside and the inside! We love you, Susan!
Tadreamer commented on September 29, 2009
Personally, I tend to think of the guy in the kilt and flowers telling Miss Susan how beautiful she, which is why he ended up in this video.
prayingmom commented on September 29, 2009
How sweet this is ! It is perfect for Susan. Score: 10
ChrisinPA commented on September 26, 2009
Perfect 10 once again!!! This captures everything we know and love about our beloved Susan!! Song is totally fitting!
ssnfans commented on September 25, 2009
it is very funny and light , can it be downloaded ???
ChrisinPA commented on September 24, 2009
Sorry for the typo, too excited about the video! What a great one it is!
ChrisinPA commented on September 24, 2009
10 plus Whar a great video, one of my all time favorites!
Chris commented on September 24, 2009
Those who score less than 10, are definitely in the minority. Just guess they don't have a clue about true talent!
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