I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
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Submitted By: PWattis on August 24, 2009
About the Video: This video is a tribute to Susan in honor her being voted "Favorite New Face" in Parade Magazine's annual summer survey.

Susan has one of the most beautiful and expressive faces I've ever seen!
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Lover commented on January 24, 2010
i love the shy and sweet way on her face...
cherokee's mom commented on January 18, 2010
Wonderful, the many faces of Susan. Oh, if we were only mind readers. What must she be thinking in each photo? Love her many expressions.
PJ in Calif. commented on September 10, 2009
I just keep coming back to this video. It's so perfect!! I love Nat and of course I love Lady Susan and everything about her.
Khunya commented on September 10, 2009
Well done, a lovely tribute to a very special lady, & the music suits the video clip so well.
t.j.toronto commented on September 09, 2009
just heard susan is singing on the finale of americas got talent
cicichi commented on September 07, 2009
PWattis this is magnificent. You have a wonderful tribute to Lady Susan. Great song also. Nat King Cole is one of my all time best male vocalist.
tonnie_rocca commented on September 07, 2009
It's one of the videos I can see again and again. Thnaks.
Brenlee commented on September 06, 2009
What a wonderful tribute to a very special and lovely person! Susan's voice and life are truly an inspiration. I wish her much success and am looking forward to listening to her CD.
Starsong commented on September 04, 2009
I love this song and it's a perfect match for Susan - she really is "My Fair Lady", isn't she?! Thank you PWattis!
husker2 commented on September 03, 2009
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