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wood dulcie
Submitted By: wood dulcie on August 29, 2009
About the Video: LOVE has given us an angel with a beautiful voice; and LOVE does change every thing for Susan and her fans. Nothing will ever ever be the same.
Music: Sarah Brightman-"Love Changes Everything"
Orchid photographer: Dulcie Wood
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sunny skies commented on July 05, 2010
This wsa very nicely done, it was beautiful!
LADY GOLFER commented on December 30, 2009
One of my favorite songs. Thanks for doing the video.
bluewren commented on September 24, 2009
someone who cares commented on September 03, 2009
That was fun and the photos and flowers were beautiful as was Susan.
jaja commented on September 01, 2009
You did always beautiful video. Thanks for posting.Fanda
PhyllisIA commented on August 30, 2009
Beautiful song and pictures. Score 10
Selimron commented on August 29, 2009
Love does indeed change everything. Lady Susan will find her love in time. Right now she is enjoying everything and loving it.
roseate commented on August 29, 2009
Very beautiful video! I did not know this lovely song. Your orchids are marvellous and go so well together with the butterflies and Susan smiling happily. Thank you, I'll love to watch it again and again!
ishkamarie commented on August 29, 2009
Camisu, before I respond with something that might be negative could you please explain what you mean. I guess I am not getting it. That is my fault not yours Camisue. Since I had the stroke I do not always understand things.
pretty@55 commented on August 29, 2009
I love tis song. I actually heard it for the first time on last night sung at the "Celebrati­on of Life" service in honor of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy here in the United States. It was Teddy Kennedy's favorite song along with "The Impossible Dream". He loved it so much because it reminded him of his wife Vicki whom he was blessed to meet when he was in his 60s'. I pray that Susan will be blessed to meet the love of her life. I thought I would never fall in love again, and at 50 years old I meet my true soulmate. LOL
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