Late Bloomer
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Submitted By: PWattis on July 20, 2009
About the Video: Susan's age has been a very special and important part of her story to me. When I decided I wanted to do a video on this topic, I had to search for an appropriate song. I found this one which seems nearly perfect to me.

Note: The thumbnail is not the one I chose. For some reason a thumbnail other than what I choose is always displayed. Oh well, minor problem.
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KarenLynne commented on August 17, 2009
I think that picture was when she was practicing for her second song on BGT.
roxy54 commented on July 28, 2009
PWatts. Very nice video! Beautiful Pictures, and the music ist ... the Susan's life.
ishkamarie commented on July 24, 2009
Everytime I hear this song I melt. All of us older women who have accomplished goals we thought we would never reach can identify with this song. Sometimes life gets in the way, but if it is a goal were meant to achieve, and have enough guts to try anyway we make it. Hope all of you out there who still have have a dream don't let anything stop you from achieving it.
julieoffutt commented on July 21, 2009
The words to this song are an unbelievable fit for Susan's story. Great find Patty!
ishkamarie commented on July 21, 2009
Hi everyone, can anyone answer a question for me. I keep seeing Susan wearing a black pant suit standing in front of a microphone. It is as if she just sang. Can anyone tell me where that picture was taken and if she had just sang. I get the feeling that she sang at times we were not allowed to see. Thanks in advance for your answer.
KarenLynne commented on July 21, 2009
Great job! She looks so good in her new suit and I hope that she will sing for us in America soon!
LOVEfromON,CA commented on July 21, 2009
Beautiful. May be we have some hope too.
Meme commented on July 21, 2009
What a lovely tribute..and the song is wonderful. Thank you!
sis23 commented on July 21, 2009
Wonderful, I really enjoyed this posting. Susan is a beautiful woman inside and out. I'm so proud of her!!!
PhyllisIA commented on July 21, 2009
What a beautiful tribute to Susan. I think this is just the right time for Susan. Her voice and style are rich and deep and developed out of her life experiences. Score 10.
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