Listen To My Heart
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Anja edens
Submitted By: Anja edens on November 18, 2009
About the Video: After reading the comment below I decided to listen the the song Listen to My Heart. I In turn decided to use it to create another tribute video for Susan. I think it's another great song to celebrate Susan and the realization of her dream. someone who cares commented on June 16, 2009 Well, two of us think alike. I play two CD's every day in my car that another wonderful singermade. Her name, Nancy LaMott. Nancy sang a medley that included Not A Day Goes By. Folks, she was a beautiful young woman who had everything going for her. A voice so perfect for the songs she sang. Nancy passed away from ovarian cancer. I listened to someone that promoted her CD's after Nancy's passing and the heartbreak of her story just tugs at your heart. Nancy was engaged and fighting the disease and never gave up on her struggle. If I remember correctly, as it has been many years, Nancy got married just before she passed at the hospital. The titles of her CD's are My Foolish Heart and Listen To My Heart. I hope that Susan one day has the chance to hear Nancy's performance on these CD's as they too were/are magical. I still tear up when one phrase in one of the songs she sings I die day after day... It's amazing to think that while she recorded, she was in fact dying, but no one would ever know. Thanks for this video. .
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Hampsong-Ohio commented on February 05, 2011
I would love for Susan Boyle to record 'Listen To My Heart' by David Friedman. I think it is a perfect song for Susan to sing.
Believernangels commented on November 21, 2009
Very Beautiful A 10plus
decatursa commented on November 19, 2009
Susan you sing for all of us that have a dream and could not go for it to care for a parent and we all would do it again and wish that we could have had more time to be with and care for them too. Antonio Sustaita from Texas
julieoffutt commented on November 19, 2009
Hi Anja. PWattis first submitted this song and then I resubmitted it. Yes, I think it's perfect for Susan too and thanks for getting it to the top again. By the way, Susan has the music for this because I sent it to her back in July. But like so many songs are perfect for her, I've found quite a few more since then including Spanish and Italian language songs. There are many marvelous songs out there; this one still sits on my piano and remains one of my favorites. Julie Carlon Offutt
Selimron commented on November 19, 2009
That was Beautiful. I hope folks read the story. Thanks for posting this Anja.This would be a Wonderful Song for Susan to sing.
Talent commented on November 18, 2009
THIS SONG IS INCREDIBLE, I LOVE IT. Yes, as others have said, it was meant for Susan and she did it beautiful (from her heart).
mdyblsfan commented on November 18, 2009
Thanks so much for posting this! It was perfectly suited for Susan!
aunty R commented on November 18, 2009
What a lovely song to leave for the hungry world to hear. I would like to hear Susan sing this song, not to take any of the beauty away from Nancy LaMott because this is a special piece of music. Love to Susan.
sis23 commented on November 18, 2009
Thank u for this posting, it touch my heart deeply.
airforce commented on November 18, 2009
it was a great performance and i can not wait to own her first disc it will be played by me every day at least once
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