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Submitted By: TommyUSA on June 29, 2009

Of over 500 in my collection, these are my
favorite pictures of Lady Susan.

Tommy USA
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Lisabeth2 commented on July 05, 2009
Yeah of course this was made by TOMMYUSA, it's lovely Tommy, thanks for sharing :o)
SusanFanSusan commented on July 03, 2009
Another beautiful tribute to Susan, Tommy. I love both the pictures and the music you set them to. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!
Gingercat commented on July 02, 2009
Tommy, you make her soul shine and remind us of the mystery that is Lady Susan. Thank you so much
Leslie1 commented on July 01, 2009
Tommy, that was beautiful!!
Geraldine commented on July 01, 2009
GeraldineNLCana­da. I just noticed the statue atop the piano in one of her sweet childhood pictures. How poignant! Takes me back to my own childhood in a rural, heavily Irish-influenced Irish village, where our prideful, strong grandparents, so rich in their faith and wisdom, had every nook and cranny decorated with religous symbols. Susan has endeared herself to the world in large part due to her simple treasuring of her past and roots, showing a real comfort with who she is as a person! She resonates in our past, and brings us into a future bright with the light of her personhood, a future of hope and joy and good feelings inside. It's been mentioned on some site that "suddenly we are all excited and friendlier towards each other. " I couldn't say it better! She is heaven-sent.
Geraldine commented on July 01, 2009
Geraldine NL, Canada. How respectfully and tenderly and sensitively you have paid tribute to this wonderful lady. You are a jewel, TommyUSA.
Kkat commented on July 01, 2009
Thanks Tommy, I love Susan, too. Great program!
Pontelle commented on June 30, 2009
Wonderful Tommy...Susan is blossuming before our very eyes both inside and out. A beautiful and delicate transformation that is simply...captiv­ating!
bernicer commented on June 30, 2009
Very nice, Tommy
Boylemania commented on June 30, 2009
TommyUSA - Thank you very much for a wonderful job done. I also like all the pictures. God bless and keep you safe.
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