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Submitted By: TommyUSA on July 07, 2009
About the Video: "MY NAME IS SUSAN BOYLE"

Susan can now introduce herself
to the WORLD!

I captured the stills from Susan's
final BGT Tour performance.

This is a tribute to our Superstar.

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jtl commented on November 26, 2009
This is jusut lovely, Five words that made her famous. Who would have guessed? ? ? What destiny awaited her? What the future was holding for her? May she live healthy and strong to enjoy every moment of it. She deserves it. Thanks Tommy
janeaa commented on July 13, 2009
Score 10 TommyUSA you make some really great ones honoring our FAVORITE Susan Boyle
treegirl commented on July 08, 2009
Lovely video. Thank you so much.
ckeppert commented on July 08, 2009
Desde Argentina,,,mil­lones de estrellas para Susan Boyle!!!!
dcj commented on July 08, 2009
Wonderful,Thank­s Tommy,you are really very good at this. I only hope Susan gets a chance to see all these tributes to her someday and realize how much we all really really love her,not just as a fantastic singer but as a very lovely lady
tom14tom16 commented on July 08, 2009
Susan is fantastic!!! love from USA
stereoneedleslady commented on July 08, 2009
Just beautiful!!!! Thanks, Tommy. Score: 10
KathrynJ commented on July 08, 2009
Thank you so much Tommy - what a wonderful tribute to the beautiful Susan.
whisper1 commented on July 08, 2009
10 Susan is a star you captured her wonderfully . Thank you Tommy...:)
wood dulcie commented on July 08, 2009
Beautiful Tommy.
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