ITN - Max Clifford talks about Susan Boyle's health
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Submitted By: Anonymous on June 02, 2009
About the Video: ITN wrote: Singer Susan Boyle has been admitted to the Priory clinic following her shock defeat in the show's final.
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skipper1 commented on June 04, 2009
We all just want to see Susan get well.
Betz commented on June 04, 2009
Susan is doing fine. I think anyone of us would have been overwhelmed to go through what she went through.My goodness!! She was tired and stressed. I still dont see why people say she is or was slow. She speaks very eloquently she is very intelligent and professional. She is a beautiful soul.
finlandia50 commented on June 03, 2009
hello max...i fallow your blog...very good and interes.... please could you inform to all susan fans about this video....can you copy in susan fans club....i dont know how to do this...txy and god bless susan­­ws/original/arti­­tml?ref=rss
Alondra commented on June 03, 2009
I'll buy her album!!!! greetings from MExico!
Chenando commented on June 03, 2009
I know that thousands of thousands of people will be waiting for her recording. If it is a month, two, three, it does not matter. Time is not the issue, it is Susan well-being and happyness...
a new fan 621 commented on June 03, 2009
why don't someone contact priory hospital and have them let her see our comments? we could put a thread of positive comments for her to read.
ogieGB commented on June 03, 2009
a card sent to MISS SUSAN BOYLE , CARE OF . THE PRIORY HOSPITAL, LONDON, ENGLAND. no post office over here wont fail to know were it is ment for , lets all give here our suport
KateOhio commented on June 03, 2009
Finally! Someone addressing the uniqueness of this situation. NO ONE has achieved so much attention in such a short time. GLOBAL! And I don't think we'll ever see anything like it again. Susan is one in several million! SHE DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER!1
delly commented on June 03, 2009
This video will not play for me at all. I have refeshed the screen and done everything i know to do, but it is blank.
MJ from USA commented on June 03, 2009
CORRECTION: her brother meant she wants to come home from The Priory.
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