My Mother's Faith - A Tribute To Bridget Boyle
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Submitted By: lttlesis on November 11, 2009
About the Video: A short video for a mother who never lost faith in her daughter's talent.
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dingbatshine commented on February 24, 2010
very heart rending:) Score: 10
Gozzy commented on February 24, 2010
Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen - Until Jan 21, 2009 with Susan's debue.
SWEET TEA commented on December 02, 2009
Well, Mrs. Boyle, look at your little girl now. What a moving song.
lttlesis commented on November 20, 2009
Thank you all for your kind words. Cynthia Clawson has such a beautiful voice and is also Irish and the song just fit for Susan's mother that I just had to try doing a video. This was only my 2nd attempt.
lucky4me commented on November 17, 2009
Score 10 This is a beautiful tribute to Susan's Mom. I am 70 years old and I believe it is a tribute to my Mom too. Thank you for this video and song.
Gracevg55 commented on November 15, 2009
Beautiful, touching; you should find a way to get this to Susan. I think she would be deeply touched by such a wonderful tribute to her mom. Her parents were Irish so the fact that the song is Irish makes it even more special. Yes, it would be a great song for Susan to sing, but I doubt she could do it now. It still seems to be too close to her mom's passing but maybe in a few years she would be able to and then it would be a recording from the depths of her heart.
jd48 commented on November 14, 2009
C'mon Susan can you cover My Mothers Faith for your own dear Mammy
jd48 commented on November 13, 2009
C'mon Susan give us your version of this wonderful tribute to any mother. Holding back the tears. Thanks and God Bless you and yours.
KarenLynne commented on November 12, 2009
Beautifully done! Susan would love this video.
whiskers commented on November 11, 2009
littlesis, Beautiful and fitting tribute. Thank You. Score 10
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