Nathan Smith Votes for Susan
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Nathan Smith
Submitted By: Nathan Smith on May 30, 2009
About the Video: Nathan Smith wrote: Hey all the phone lines have now open and Im going to vote for Susan
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Alek (Russia) commented on May 31, 2009
Alek (Russia) commented on May 31, 2009
Alek (Russia) commented on May 31, 2009
Hi Nathan Smith and everyone whom has subdued singing Susan Boyle! I do not speak on английски, but I try to write, what even in Russia hurted and supported Susan Boyle. Susan Boyle as have subdued a plenty of hearts and across all Russia. It is a pity, it is very a pity, that it has not won first place. We are grieved by results....
carpediem commented on May 31, 2009
Thank You Nathan.
alaskanmal63 commented on May 31, 2009
Thanks for voting for Susan... We tried to but Unfortunately we couldn't since we live in the States... Thanks for sharing with us...
Bohemian Spirit commented on May 31, 2009
Hey, Nathan, thanks for voting for Susan! :-D I loved it. I'll just bet the lines were busy! Susan only took 2nd place, but out of the thousands who originally auditioned, 2nd place is still pretty damned good--and she seemed happier about being 2nd than 1st. Now she can focus on her singing and not on the media circus of BGT!
JosieSINYC51 commented on May 30, 2009
I hope one day she comes to New York City. Am dying to buy Susan Boyle CDs.
kirkum2020 commented on May 30, 2009
Nathan I think you're mad as fishcakes but you made me smile and you're as cute as a button!! She was cracking tonight but I didn't mind Diversity winning at all. Btw, I wouldn't mind chatting some time. I'm kirkum2020 on gaydar if you want to find me. ;)
Betz commented on May 30, 2009
Thank You Nathan. Everyone there should put in extra votes for all of us here in America. GO SUSAN!!!!
joaniel commented on May 30, 2009
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