Never Judge A Book
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Submitted By: johnnycake on June 06, 2009
About the Video: A Sky News interview done in Susan's home after the audition. It's a bit old, but I had never seen it before, and want to thank Mrlscan for pointing it out. I can't believe it's never been posted here, but it should be right up front for everyone to see just what a wonderful vibrant witty and charming this Wonderwoman is. No wonder she is so well loved by millions and millions arouind the world.
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bunnyohare1 commented on June 21, 2009
Don't know how I missed this one. What a wonderful interview. I never tire of hearing Susan talk or sing. I've always been proud of my Scottish roots. Susan, you not only made that audience rock, but the whole world as well. Please don't ever change that wonderful personality. Fran in the U.S.
sis23 commented on June 12, 2009
Thank you johnnycake for posting this beautifil interview with Susan, I just love it. What a true Lady Susan is, so calm, so sure of herself, so real. Thank you.
musictchr commented on June 12, 2009
Well, the video that I submitted to this web site, which I had mentioned below, which is just a longer version of this interview, has been rejected by the administrator. I received a message from the administrator of this site saying, "we have reviewed your submission and found that it is not a good fit for our site." This does not make any sense at all and I have requested an explanation for this decision. I am hoping the administrator will reconsider.
AzTrishUSA commented on June 11, 2009
Score: 10
johnnycake commented on June 11, 2009
Whatever hype was ginned up by BGT to create the SuBo phenomenon, nothing can take away the fact that Susan is Susan and has an astonishing and moving talent as well as being a down to earth bright and charming person. That's what I see in this video, and for the people who seem to see Susan only in the encyclopedia of negative comments on personal appearance that has been compiled by the tabloids, this video should be required viewing. Thanx again to Mriscan for pointing it out, and I'm glad so many of you enjoyed it.
suethenurse commented on June 11, 2009
I would have given this one a score of "20" if I could. It was new to me, but one of the best. Thanks for posting it.
Pete P commented on June 11, 2009
This interview shows the real Susan,a very charming and witty lady. I am glad it was posted.
IvoryMist commented on June 11, 2009
I hate when the interviewer says, "How does it feel to be judged by the way you look" he implying that she doesn't look good? She looks great to the majority of us!
puppett commented on June 11, 2009
This has to be my favorite interview. I hadn't seen it before. Susan is absolutely delightful... I wish someone would do a more in-depth interview with her. Thank you so much for posting it.
musictchr commented on June 11, 2009
I see what the problem is. When you copy that URL and paste it into the address bar, it adds four little dashes throughout the address that need to be removed. Hopefully, that video will get posted soon and you won't have to do this.
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