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PK Calif. USA
Submitted By: PK Calif. USA on July 20, 2009
About the Video: Think about this...If, in fact, everyone of us are here for a reason....Just Maybe, that is why our Susan Boyle has just now, at an older age, when the world is in such distress, appeared out of a tiny village, without caring what we thought of her looks, and so unexpectedly touched our hearts and souls!

Now that she has delivered God's message, it is her time to do and be what ever she wants.

Personally, I do not think the entertainment world can ever bring her down and they will probably change their bad ways because of her!
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ishkamarie commented on July 25, 2009
If you are honest with yourself and others you would be willing to admit that how Susan Boyle looks matters to you. Passing her on a street car, standing in front of her at the bank, or in the grocery line would have brought little or no attention to her. She sings one song on British T.V. and suddenly she becomes a overnight sensation. How hyprcritical your words are. No one should ever care how someone looks. If God has orchestrated this world we live in as you have said over and over again there would be no ugly people, no sickness, and no wickedness. Whether something is good or bad the lord allows the actions of his people to take place, he does not orchestrate it. To assume that would mean we have no free will. Im tired of hearing how God has used Susan Boyle's voice. Satan could have just as easily used it by creating a idol with a doll that is being worshipped around the world. I think we need to get real. She is a great talent,with a great voice, a wonderful person, and good human being. I think Susan is right her gift was "by chance" given to a wonderful person who has the good sense to know she is not anything special.
Selimron commented on July 22, 2009
So True. Thank You.
PhyllisIA commented on July 21, 2009
So beautifully done. Thank you for your creativity! Score 10
someone who cares commented on July 20, 2009
God certainly has everything orchestrated beautifully and when our human free will gets us in trouble He sure knows how to improvise. He certainly has been busy recently. A lot happening around the world and here at home. Nice to find something beautiful amongst the craziness.
sharon lynn commented on July 20, 2009
sharon lynn commented on July 20, 2009
So very beautiful--and TRUE. Thank you so much.
PJ in Calif. commented on July 20, 2009
PK, this is beautiful! Thank you so much!
wood dulcie commented on July 20, 2009
So beautiful and so true...The reason for Susan and this fan site. Thank you for summing it up.
JennyZ1 commented on July 20, 2009
Thank you.
Godscre commented on July 20, 2009
Thank you. Very inspiring.