Piers Morgan talks about Internet phenomenon Susan Boyle
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Submitted By: Anonymous on April 26, 2009
About the Video: KHQ6 wrote: Piers Morgan talks about Internet phenomenon Susan Boyle
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copper commented on April 29, 2009
SUSAN !!! you gorgous lady !!! your Mum would be soooooo proud of you . sing for your Mum but plz invite the world along ..
copper commented on April 29, 2009
Lonnirose commented on April 27, 2009
Piers, keep your dinner date with Susan Boyle - you're a lucky man to get her attention. I play her video every day and think she's wonderful.
preistess nah commented on April 26, 2009
When will we get Canada's got talent? No doubt we have!!!
Patricia's Art commented on April 26, 2009
I hope she gets protection from this media circus. She is a serious talent not a circus freak show act. Paul Potts didn't have to go through this close scrutiny.
notes2cmm commented on April 26, 2009
I think you all have underestimated her. She appears to me to be a very grounded person, and her life experiences have prepared her for this stage of life. I think her brother is in the entertainment business, and if that is so, he is advising her already. I say, GO FOR IT. The world needs her! She is so refreshing. Absolutely what the world needs right now! She reminds me a little of Karen Carpenter's voice.
eva8 commented on April 26, 2009
Susan needs protection! It's too much what's happening now for her. So she can quietly prepare for the semi-finale. She is a strong personality that's true, but so much attention in a very short periode is dangerous for anyone. She is not a robot, she needs personal coaching immediately, and that's what all the people think worldwide! It had surprised me a lot that the team of BGT did'nt do this for Susan Boyle, cause SHE is the one that made the talent-show Britains Got Talent made international! and bigger and bigger!!
Grammy707 commented on April 26, 2009
I fully agree that she needs a management team looking after her so that no one can take advantage of her. She is to sweet and to good to let anyone take advantage of her. And like another poster said, I would not want to have to perform after that performance! I would just turn around and go home.
DN commented on April 26, 2009
I think Mr. Morgan has given an honest depiction of how he and others did judge a book by its cover. I appreciate his forthrightness.
Elmie commented on April 26, 2009
Thanks so very much to the one who so kindly posted this video! Piers Morgan sounds very reliable in his comments about Susan ....... and very encouraging and respectful! I admire him for that. Also, along with everyone's messages, I appreciate Gentlerain'­s comment that, with all the attention that's outpouring on Susan, she needs some protection. I am hoping for Susan's safety and continued huge success. It's fantastic to be amongst so many fans of Susan! Lots of love to Susan and her fans and this site's management,
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