RTE Late Late Show - 3/9/12
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Submitted By: SBFII Admin on March 10, 2012
About the Video: Ryan Tubridy talks to Susan and Elaine C. Smith about the upcoming musical on the Late Late Show, in Dublin, Ireland.
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Selimron commented on July 01, 2012
Susan can learn a lot from Elaine and Elaine can learn a lot from Susan. I have read Elaine's Autobiography as well as Susan's and the diference is (hopefully) a wake up call for Elaine.
bluewren commented on June 01, 2012
Who I have always wanted to know is in charge of Susan's wardrobe Ok she felt she had to wear green but have alook at the cut and style of it compared to the woman who is supposed to be playing her.Give the girl a break will you!That's taking simplicity a wee bit too far. Isn't it? commented on May 28, 2012
I loved the duet with Elaine Paige. Please, an album of show tunes or standards. Forgive me, but the religious music is so boring.
BRobert commented on March 18, 2012
Susan Boyle is such a fantastic and wonderful person... she absolutely flows brightly with sunshine.
Shirley RC commented on March 15, 2012
Dear Miss Susan Boyle: My twin sister Cindy and I just looked at this interview. We are so proud of you. Indeed you are precious. We love you and congratulate you for the Musical which is due to open soon. Love and prayers always, Shirley RC