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Submitted By: judy.schumacher on December 23, 2009
About the Video: video several pictures 2009
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garpenlaiola commented on December 29, 2009
Many birds fly she raised his own flight a new look and a new light,she is a winner.
geomom commented on December 28, 2009
Susan, you have the prettiest voice ever... you rock girl! I will buy all your CD's.
tumbleweed commented on December 27, 2009
Semilron is so right -- we have all been 'trotting along' behind Susan, aching to help her at times, joyous for her the next. Thank you for all the reminders in this video. Susan is wonderful. Score 10.
Bluemoon20 commented on December 27, 2009
Nice pictures, but the speed at which they change is so frustrating I had to stop after a few seconds. It was a horrible tease to see these images for a shorter time than my brain could really process them. And my brain's pretty fast.
missielady commented on December 27, 2009
I really don't know why i'm so attracted to susan but to me she's mother sister best friend down the street aunt with beuty inside and out. god bless her and a beautiful video congulations ps. its so good to listen to a beautiful cd with a beautiful voice without feeling someone is shouting at you
jtl commented on December 25, 2009
Thank you Judy, its beautiful moments in the life of Susan. You captured some beautiful ones. They are all my favorite also.
sis23 commented on December 25, 2009
Great video, Thanks Judy.
laverne commented on December 24, 2009
I do wish the pictures would have stayed just a little longer as I have never seen some of them. Otherwise just lovely. Thank you.
Selimron commented on December 24, 2009
Thank you judy.schumacher­. Susan has had quite a year and we have had quite a year trying to keep up with her.
favorite commented on December 24, 2009
Very Good! Love the older pictures and the rise to travel and glomour. Bring it on 2010! The Lass is ready. ( Great music too. She'd dance to this. Me too. 10
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