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Sugar Puddin commented on September 11, 2009
I don't know what she said and don't care. What could be ruder than the press????
KateOhio commented on June 13, 2009
Janet_ I think that the woman is a friend of Susan's from Blackburn. She was also in the pictures in front of the hotel after "the outburst" before the finals.
Janet in Texas commented on June 12, 2009
Is that her doctor in the background with the long pony tail and white jacket? She seems to drift off to the right at the first of the clip, but she is always around. Looks like the same lady on the shopping trip and that was her doctor.....
Janet in Texas commented on June 12, 2009
First-she looked and sounded good and I am glad to see people with her holding off the wolves. She stood up to them a little, but then allowed the "handler&q­uot; to step in. Good. She has a lot to learn so I think that if she is ever going to learn to handle the stress, she needs to be exposed to a little of it...but I am so relieved to see that she has protection and they are actively involved without totally shutting her off from all publicity. That would not be good either. I think people need to see her so she doesn't become a complete curiosity. It IS bad to be a recluse snd if she doesn't get out and learn to take care of herself, she WILL become a recluse. We don'nt want that for her do we? NO..So she has to get up, brush herself off and get back on the horse. Remember she said "baby steps" performing in a few tour shows, she is getting used to the vultures everywhere snapping pictures, AND learning what performing is like...she MUST learn these things to continue to grow as the star she will be and remain healthy and strong. I, too, am a little concerned about her behavior..she showed a little "cheekynes­s" at the beginning, but then turned it off and acted a little more mature. I am sure there are people training her...that has to go along with everything else she has to learn. Baby Steps, Susan Baby, Steps...We love you...Score 10
ingredy commented on June 12, 2009
Ela faz graça, ela d ++. Ela nasceu para a fama
ingredy commented on June 12, 2009
For people to talk to Susan is not prepared to give it to the Fame, of course it is, and very prepared. We are anxiously waiting for you know that even the beginning ... Our e'só she has conquered the world what is is missing? Sing more songs and marry Piers Morgan., .. Rsrs I love you Susan Boyle - Brazil
ingredy commented on June 12, 2009
Nós estamos torcendo aqui no Brasil para Piers Morgan Namorar com voce, ele vai ser um sortudo
ingredy commented on June 12, 2009
I Love You Susan Boyle...Sou do Brasil e nós aqui te amamos muito...
dove commented on June 12, 2009
rated this score 10
dove commented on June 12, 2009
thanks God for everything and thanks tommy for posting this i had so much joy in heart to see once again susan our dearest one
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