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Submitted By: TommyUSA on July 09, 2009
About the Video: "SUSAN BOYLE - A STAR IS BORN!"

This is a slideshow tribute to
Lady Susan Boyle.

Stills I took from Susan's
final performance of the BGT Tour,

The music is a "Les Miserables" medley.

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ishkamarie commented on July 15, 2009
Hi Everyone, I don't know if this is appropriate to ask this so ignore me if it is inappropriate. I have been so impressed with the people in Britain since the whole thing with Susan Boyle has come into my life. I know this is a life changing experience, but I am thinking of moving to somewhere in London or Scotland. I am kind of clueless about the climate, the people, and where it is best to visit if someone wants to move. This is not a sudden decision. I have thought about it for a while. Is there someone out there that knows a little about the countries that have ideas about where to go visit before making a decision like this. Please email me with your thoughts about it. Thank you, Ishkamarie@aol.­com. Betty Carroll
Trish#1 commented on July 13, 2009
ishamarie: Where were you watching those girls that were auditioning for the part of Maria? Do you live in the UK? I live in California, USA. Thanks for your news. Susan has bonded all of us Susafans into one huge, world-wide family. Isn't that simply marvelous!?
Wild Ol' Dan commented on July 13, 2009
Howdy Tommy, She does seem to have a certain star quality about her doesn't she? Ya done good again, pard. Wild Ol' Dan
ishkamarie commented on July 13, 2009
Hi everyone, I once again want to tell Susan how well she sings. Tonight on T.V. I watched the performance of two girl on the the competition for the part of Maria for the Sound Of Music. One of the songs they had to sing for the competition was a duet of "Memory.&q­uot; Immediately I noticed that the girls did not sing it with any feeling for the words. Susan always feels the songs she sings. "Andrew Lord Weber", was there to chose the best singer.(NOT SURE IF THAT IS HIS NAME) He is amazing with his critiques of the singers. He gave Susan a great compliment during BGT competition. I miss Susan singing. She was better then all the girls. ishkamarie@al.c­om
sharon lynn commented on July 10, 2009
Once again, AMAZING, Tommy. The background music was beautiful and the pictures of Susan seemed to capture the JOY within her. Thank you once again.
ishkamarie commented on July 10, 2009
Hi Everyone,Please help me. How will we know when the tour comes to America. I have to see Susan Boyle perform. Will it be annouced through ticket master, or is there any other way I will be advised. Thanks Ishkamarie@aol.­com
GritsT commented on July 10, 2009
I so love taking the time to sit and reflect on pictures of Susan, especially when you have taken them and set them to music. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Trish#1 commented on July 10, 2009
Hey, Susabuddies, Tommy USA has just opened a brand new site. Don't forget to register, and sign in at... http://theamazi­ngsusanboyle.mag­ ~Trish (Pat Pierce)
Trish#1 commented on July 10, 2009
ishkamarie commented on July 10, 2009
Hi Tommyusa: the video you have created is beautiful. You have such talent. I make it a point to listen first thing in the morning and the last thing I do at night. It so, so, beautiful. Thank you so much for giving to her fans. I hope Susan is given a copy....Ihskama­
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