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Graysea commented on June 11, 2009
I'm sorry, I meant to say "I don't think she should do a play...
Graysea commented on June 11, 2009
I do't think she should do a Bway play, she should be at Lincoln Center in NY in her own show -- "The Best of Bway" songs. She just has to sing 5 or 6 numbers of show tunes and maybe with a little scenery and a symphony orchestra and there you have it, a great show. Would you buy tickets? I went to NY just to see "The Nanny", and you bet I would go just for this show too
GLisaKK commented on June 11, 2009
I want to add: For Susan to go on Broadway would mean nothing to me. I'm not in a position to be able to go there and watch her. I would prefer she did something I could watch so that I can enjoy her as much as possible. At the same time, I want to see Susan follow her dreams, and if that is her dream, I would be delighted for her to do it.
GLisaKK commented on June 11, 2009
suethenurse, I cared for my mother for 2 weeks 24/7 she had a sort of paralysis. I had the help of my sister, and by the end of the two weeks I was exhausted (and blew my temper at my family, whom I love dearly, by the way). I was not used to it. You're totally right, that Susan has been prepared for the pressure. If you can care for someone 24/7 for a number of years, you can handle a lot of pressure. Wild ol' Dan, I totally agree with what you say.
Elmie commented on June 10, 2009
What's great about this TV interview is that their assessment of Susan's capability to be on Broadway is centrally focused on her voice -- to which I may add that, no matter how much gigantic energy a performer has, if the voice doesn't keep up to it, then the energy doesn't suffice. But with Susan's great voice that has captivated the world -- and the charisma she has on people -- the time and energy and the planning will fall into their proper places. Truly, Broadway performances require a different spectrum of self-discipline, but from Susan's interviews, we can see that she is a woman of self-discipline and intelligence. Nevertheless, she won't have to do Broadway if that's not her priority. We're still have to anticipate her CDs ... but I think it's a great honour for anyone to be regarded as a Broadway prospective performer -- which just shows how much respect and special treatment are aimed at her. Just as her rise to stardom is so unique, so are all the things that come with it, one of which is to be talked of as an ideal Broadway performer. I wish Susan the best in choosing the paths that will be good to her own career and personal well-being. I wish her continued and growing success and great happiness! Her happiness is our happiness as her fans who love her, I sincerely believe.
Fire Djinn commented on June 10, 2009
I think Susan would be great for Broadway, singing 8 shows a week, well I've been to a few Broadway productions, and at times was disappointed by all the inserts in the program, where the lead character is replaced by the understudy. So I think she could split the performances as she sees fit with her understudy, for which ever production she wants to do. As for pressure, I think now she knows her fans have not abandoned her, and that we still all see her as a winner, and want to hear her sing, she'd be fine. All the pressure is off her, she wanted so badly to become a professional singer, and now she can go back the the village with her head held high, "Mission Accomplished&qu­ot;. Talk about Les Miz being even more popular than ever, a show that's being circling the globe since September 1980, great to see it'll live on.
Allikat commented on June 10, 2009
If Susan does eventually find herself playing a carefully musical theatre role, hopefully singing a couple of songs written just for her, wouldn't she try out a West End venue first? Before crossing the ocean? One thing I do know is, Pebbles won't be able to come to the US if/when Susan gets around to appearing here. It's all due to the UK's strict animal quarantine laws. I believe that's down from a year to only 6 months now, but sheesh--maybe where Pebbles is able to go will end up dictating just where Susan might go. Meaning, as things now stand, I can't really see Susan agreeing to any long-term contracts which would take her outside the UK. Shorter ones, yes--but we'll see what happens.
fossilbarb commented on June 10, 2009
No need for Broadway! Cd's & an occasional live performance. Fossil has spoken! :)
ozzyscot commented on June 10, 2009
too early for broadway
CHRISTOPHERGEEGEE commented on June 10, 2009
Also agree that as Susan herself steps. Get some more stage performances & concert experience, some CDs recorded and see how it goes...stage work on the scale of Broadway/West End is a gruelling test of stamina for experienced pros and very repititous. She needs freedom to explore every avenue first. She will be great I know it now she has an ace manager & people around her to protect her from the media circus!
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