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leonina -Australia
Submitted By: leonina -Australia on June 30, 2009
About the Video: Very good sound. Susan sing: I dreamed a dream, Cry me a river and Killing me softly.
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Susanboyfan commented on July 07, 2009
I wonder if Michael was a Fan of Susan and is susan a fan of Michael two different artist but both know how to enter the Heart of the People that love them and will Aways love them. Rest in Peace Michael Susan will continue to fill the hearts of the people of World just like he did/
Susanboyfan commented on July 07, 2009
I love them all but, Cry Me A River i must say is my favorite song just make so relax knowing my day will be full of sunshine. I can not thank you enough for the wonderful collections of her songs, i can not wait to buy this album even if it just had threee song on it. Thank you, Again
tearfuljock commented on July 04, 2009
this is a superb collection by susan i love it more more more
mariefromphilly commented on July 03, 2009
This was really great. It was as if Susan had cut an album. Very enjoyable. Thanks.
someone who cares commented on June 30, 2009
THAT'S what I am talking about!! Excellent job on picking these three songs. This is the Susan who is the talent that I love. Susan, if you are out there reading these posts and listening and watching these videos, please consider this style of your singing over the more dramatic edge of I Dreamed A Dream. This first one I LOVE. I admire the various takes you have on your now all but trademarked song, but your first rendition still has that magical engaging factor. Susan, think sonorous when you sing. The quality of your voice sails when you sing that way. Engage the audience during the musical breaks within the songs - just lean over and say hi or how you love someone's sign they are holding to show how much they love you. Just be Susan and talk to the audience. Don't allow them to distract you as you are singing though as it can make you lose your place and it can detract from the story or feeling you are conveying. I think you are great Susan. A great singer, a breath of fresh air, and a nice person who I'd enjoy having as a friend. Keep the vision and keep the faith. Blessings, Michelle
jaycee commented on June 30, 2009
Score: 11!!! Thank you SO MUCH for this! Cry Me a River is my Very Favourite! I too hop it's on her first album!
Sandy 08 commented on June 30, 2009
Absolutely wonderful!! Thank you for this nice collection.
canadianmary commented on June 30, 2009
I thoroughly enjoyed this combination. In particular, I really like Susan Boyle's rendition of "Cry me a River". I have read that this is a particular favourite for her as she finds it soothing.
canadianmary commented on June 30, 2009
score 10
Cookiezzz commented on June 30, 2009
That was so smart. Very nice. I got a kick out of that!!! Thanks
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