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wood dulcie
Submitted By: wood dulcie on December 11, 2009
About the Video: Happy Holidays to Susan and all her fans.
O Holy Night ~ by Nana Mouskouri
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wood dulcie commented on December 19, 2009
I want to thank everyone for their lovely comments and wish you the happiest of holidays.
Cowan commented on December 16, 2009
Outstanding Merry Christmas Susan and God bless
camisu11 commented on December 15, 2009
lovely Dulcie, Merry Christmas to you dear Sis.
husker2 commented on December 15, 2009
And to you, too, Nana!
Meri commented on December 15, 2009
Beautiful,thank you (Nana Mouskouri is another favourite of mine). And a happy Christmas to you too. We can believe that the Love and Light that is the true meaning of the lovely festive season will eventually bring us,every other living thing and World herself into complete Peace and Harmony. Thank you again.
Lori - Toronto Canada commented on December 14, 2009
Is everybody afraid to say Merry Christmas? It is the Christmas season . I want to wish Susan and her family (Pebbles too) a wonderful Merry Christmas and a great New Year Lori in Toronto Ontario
Tadreamer commented on December 14, 2009
Very lovely, Wood Dulcie. Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you too.
lore commented on December 13, 2009
The Song, Who I was Born to Be.. and I know Him so Wellll Should be on the RADIO!!!!! Pleeeze post the whole Show TV speical here & on Youtube!! thnx Kelly
Sandrausa commented on December 13, 2009
wood dulcie, very lovely. Thank you for sharing a video in keeping with this holiday season. I send Holiday Greetings to you from Texas.
klucero commented on December 13, 2009
She is simply amazing! Today is my birthday and I was given her CD it is the most beautiful things I have ever heard, she is so great!!!!!!!!!
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