Simon Cowell on Susan Boyle topping the UK charts
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Submitted By: Anonymous on November 29, 2009
About the Video: Haricornflake wrote: UK TV feature on Susan Boyle topping the UK charts with 'I Dreamed A Dream', the fastest selling debut album in UK chart history
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bluewren commented on December 03, 2009
I make no apology that from the start I have believed in SimonCowell'­;s sincere power behind Susan Boyle's career,when others were falling for his publicity spin Piers Morgan story.Now anyone can see it really was the puppeteer behind the scenes in charge of the show who sincerely befriended the "little girl" from Scotland with the angelic voice Susan Boyle.Also that lovely boy singer who is now appearing on Oprah and in America ,who when the tabloids were attempting to create an ugly rivalry between himself and Susan Boyle, even though so young spoke out in defense of Susan and said she was a lovely lady and they got on really well. There is no doubt that Simon Cowell knows talent but he also knows people too.
Boylemania commented on December 01, 2009
Wow she had slim down so much when we first saw her in her 1st audition on 11.4.2009. Good for her. I love Simon. Yes, he is right, Susan has broken all the rules in music society. She needn't have to look like Madonna or Britney Spears. Congratulation Susan on the breaking of your records in UK and setting recrods around the world.
Sandrausa commented on November 30, 2009
Go Susan go. We all love you.
Tatasmama118 commented on November 30, 2009
Keep on breaking the rules, Susan!! We love you!! (:
trent commented on November 30, 2009
Remember the after stage scene in THAT first BGT clip. Susan said it was "so emotional"­. As we all know NOW, she put her heart and soul into that audition. And, we all know, whether we are prepared to admit or not, her final performance was not as good. Susan herself showed this by her body language. We all saw it. Compare her album rendition of I dreamed a dream with the "original&­quot;. It lacks the fire, the desperation, the bravery that she showed which came through in those glorious high notes (for me, at least). I hope Simon will let Susan completely loose on her next album. No more bloody "show tunes"! I would like to see(hear) stuff like "Fields of Athenry" (which I read somewhere she can do). And, on the next album. 1 track with Donny(Puppy Love: I hope not!) and 1 with Elaine. And, we are all hanging out for these, aren't we? This first album sets her up. Her next should have the fire that was in her audition but is, sadly, not in this debut album.
Susan fanatic in Japan commented on November 30, 2009
First of all I have to congratulate Susan for her best-selling debut album and also the fans who have been supportive of her career. Second, I want to thank Simon for giving Susan a chance to record an album. When Susan lost to Diversity, my worryw as that Susan may not be able to get a chance to record an album but when I learned about Simon's plan I was teary-eyed and prayed so hard that this album would push through and it did. I knew it from the very start that once Susan makes an album it's gonna be a monster hit and so it is. Again, congrats Susan and congrats also to all who love her. Luv you Susan!
Selimron commented on November 29, 2009
Hoooooooray for Susan. She's always been #1 with all of us.
Patricia's Art commented on November 29, 2009
Wonderful news, I'm so happy for Susan !
sis23 commented on November 29, 2009
Wonderful news, I'm so happy for Susan. Thanks for the posting.
BarbMc commented on November 29, 2009
Congratulations Susan. You should be number one on every chart there is. Absolutely wonderful. I play the CD in the car, too, so I can turn it up like the teenagers do. More - more!
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