Simon Cowell about Susan Boyle and Quilt 2009
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Submitted By: Anonymous on November 30, 2009
About the Video: Simon Cowell talks about Susan Boyle and Quilt NYC
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jtl commented on December 23, 2009
Never for a moment did I ever believed she had a meltdown in America. Totally the contrary, for the first time she actually felt the love and comfort and enthusiasm of the entire country. She is truly loved. I only wish I could have been there to also have breakfast with her on that morning. It would have been a great joy because she was the result of so much of our prayers. And every time the news media puts her down, or reports lies about her, causes me to pray even more. I love you Susan, my biggest dream would be to get to meet you. You have always been beautiful to me, inside and out. You are real and true. Don't change.
pomsarepeople commented on December 03, 2009
Simon is right on. Very smart guy. One cannot underestimate how important his guidance and support have been to Susan and her family from day one. What a great team. I do believe, as many of us do, that Simon has been deeply touched by Susan and he's a better person for it. Thanks, Simon.
the gal from the Bronx commented on December 03, 2009
Susan was very happy to be with her fan club on November 23, 2009 in New York city at Rockefeller Center. I was one of the very lucky people who was there and had breakfast with her and the America Fan Club. She was cheerful, funny, and she did her funny stuff. At no point in time she had a meltdown. That is a lie. She was amazed of what people brought her. The hand made quilt that the women made for her and other gifts that were brought to her with so much love. She was very sweet to all of us who were at the breakfast with her. She is a first class lady and she sings like an angel. when it comes to voices, Susan has it. It is a gift from God. She will always be Susan and her voice will always be remembered. I love Susan and so does millions of people in America. I will always remember the day I had breackfast with Susan. She is my idol.
bluewren commented on December 03, 2009
bluewren commented on December 03, 2009
bluewren commented on December 03, 2009
Personally I think and I could be wrong but I think Simon Cowell will always have a spot in his heart for Susan Boyle because she actually put his colleagues and himself and his BGT on the world wide map overnight and got a history making number of hits on Youtube .I do not think Simon will forget her or her generous loyalty to himself easily nor withdraw his support or friendship from her,ever.
Selimron commented on December 02, 2009
Good interview on Simon's part. Her fans in the U.S. really do love Susan - I'm one of them.
uplord commented on December 02, 2009
Simeon has it right. Susan is the real deal.
Jeana commented on December 02, 2009
I agree, this video shows Simon's respect for Susan. I hope he continues to look out for her best interest.
scotiamag commented on December 02, 2009
Score 10. Simon's comments show a side to him that is rarely seen and very refreshing and I truly believe that even he is a bit overwhelmed by the phenomenal success of Susan. The fans who were in New York are No. 1 in my book and portray the openheartedness of the people there; something that seems to have been lost along the way but is coming back with a vengeance.
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