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Submitted By: jaja on August 19, 2009
About the Video: You excuse me, I give the same song, but I have a mistake in my computer. It video is for fans not for commercial.
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greenfields commented on August 22, 2009
My Tears of JOY!!! for Susan!
Misti in Seattle commented on August 22, 2009
Beautiful! And the song is so lovely you could do it over and over again and I would enjoy it every time. Susan is so lovely!
Falcon commented on August 21, 2009
Lovely, simply lovely!
Oggles commented on August 21, 2009
The song is beautiful, and this is what is so wonderful about music, it transcends any language. I also did not understand the lyrics but the message still came across. The devotion to Susan is international.
Graysea commented on August 21, 2009
Score 10. What a great variety of wonderful pictures. Don't you just love looking at Susan through the different stages of the last four months? I can't believe that we have only heard a few songs, and still I am that crazy about Susan. Susan said on on of her interviews to a report "what have you done to me" and I am saying to Susan "what have you done to me" Keep it up, I love it.
jaja commented on August 21, 2009
Hello everybody, I thank for your comment. I am very pleased and I have joy. My work be tribute for Susan and I have big respect for fans here.Thanks.jaj­a
Selimron commented on August 19, 2009
This is one of the best colleges I seen. Thank you for posting it.
someone who cares commented on August 19, 2009
I love this song and the voice singing it/ All kinds of backdrop video comes to mind - sunsets, sunrises, Good Friday to Easter Morning, the tides going out and coming in, the clouds being blown by a storm.... Sorry, I do get carried away. ;) Some of those stills of Susan I hadn't seen before. They really capture her in the middle of something she is feeling - perhaps for the first time. Great video.
AireMom commented on August 19, 2009
Beautiful video. This is so beautiful. The music is Susan's kind of song! ~~~~To Susan, if you ever read this, thank you for singing to us all! I wish you a happy, joyous life, safely held in a true and lasting love... Piers, I wish for you exactly the same! And if the two of you find eachother, *Wow*!
sharon lynn commented on August 19, 2009
This is absolutely beautiful. It is awesome to enjoy the physical changes in Susan, but also the fact that her entire life has changed. May she continue to grow in beauty, outward and inward. Thanks you so much. The music brought tears to my eyes.
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