Susan Accepting Outstanding Achievement Award 2011
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Submitted By: SBFII Admin on March 23, 2011
About the Video: Scottish Variety Awards, March 19, 2011.

Recorded by a fan who traveled from Switzerland to the event in Glasgow.
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Selimron commented on April 02, 2011
susanaddict commented on March 29, 2011
How can this lady still touch your heart. Amazing. I guess many of the non Scots will not understand much of this but this was again our Susan being the humble, fine person tha she is. 10
CanadianBill commented on March 29, 2011
Huge thanks to the fans who recorded this amazing night for us!
gcy1 commented on March 27, 2011
Score 10 Near the end of this video, Susan said "bloody fantastic! thank you all for your support!" I wish to thank the fan who recorded this event!