Susan makes this world a better place
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Submitted By: mariquita on June 25, 2009
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Anna1432 commented on June 26, 2009
Quite nice, mariquita. Thank you for a great video.
Lisabeth2 commented on June 26, 2009
Wonderful ! She's really beautiful !
Martha Ellen commented on June 25, 2009
Lovely Marquita. Thank you.
terijay commented on June 25, 2009
stunning- shows from then to now- the transformation in a few months also- from "frump&quo­t; to "gorgeous&­quot;-- really nice..i hate the new WEBSITE BY THE WAY- HATTTTTTTTTTTTT­TTTTT it
ingisme commented on June 25, 2009
what a beautiful tribute! you really captured the lovelyness of this spirited woman.
cindy commented on June 25, 2009
the best yet !!!!
Debp commented on June 25, 2009
Really loved this video!! Shows our charming, humble Susan in a special way!!
Dottie51 commented on June 25, 2009
A beautiful selection of photos, great music = a great tribute video! Thanks so much! I really enjoy it!
eagleflight commented on June 25, 2009
Maraquita, another beautiful tribute! I love that song playing.Susan certainly generates a lot of love doesn't she? Thanks again!
mtrvrpoet commented on June 25, 2009
Not only does Susan make this a better place but her story should remind us that each of us has that same ability inside us to make our corner of the world a better place. We love her smiles - pass yours on to someone. We love her humility & love - treat the people you know the same way. We respect her for her love for her family - treasure yours & show them your love. Yes, Susan is indeed special. She chose & continues to choose to share her special gifts to help make this a better world. We all have that capability if we choose to. Too many people think that they cannot make a difference. That is a lie from the one who would rather see God's people beaten down! The operative word is to CHOOSE to. Susan has. I hope this reminds all of us to do the same. Choose to change your corner of the world no matter how great or small, one prayer, one act, one day at a time. We'll find this world not so tired anymore if we choose to do so.... My prayers for you, Susan... prayers for quietness & peace in your soul & spirit & bubbling over joy in your heart; wisdom to walk the path set before you, to know the wolves from the sheep, and for protection in our God always... mtrvrpoet
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