Susan Boyle
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Submitted By: mariquita on July 09, 2009
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ChrisinPA commented on July 21, 2009
Wonderful Mariquita!! Thank you!
ishkamarie commented on July 17, 2009
Hi Scooch, Thanks for your positive response. I too hope people will see she is the same person. I was just thinking about what people said after the first smaller makeover. Some of the things I read were not very nice. Susan deserves the best and it up to us as fans to make sure that anyone who says anything bad is put in their place. Susan now has a reason to wear the beauty she has on the inside on the outside. There is no one I want more then Susan to have the best of everything.
Kkat commented on July 15, 2009
Wonderful video. I love Susan Boyle! and it was great to see all those wonderful pics! Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!
Joan M - for Susan commented on July 14, 2009
thank you Mariquita for the song and all of Susan's photos. God Bless Susan and her singing career, and her life, now and always.
Shirley of Mid England commented on July 13, 2009
Thank you, Marquita, it's so good to see the happy, relaxed photos of Susan. It's been a hard sharp road for her to travel and many of us would have failed under such a burden, so three cheers for a lovely, talented, determined and brave lady.
techiegram commented on July 13, 2009
This is wonderful. I love all the different shots of Susan and her expressions and her clothes. Thanks.
Misti in Seattle commented on July 12, 2009
Made me smile all the way through it! You captured Susan's personality so well. Love the song too.
lexie320 commented on July 11, 2009
Mariquita it is a beautiful tribute to Susan. All those nice pictures of her...I find that white suits her very well. By the way what is the title of this song? I love it.
someone who cares commented on July 11, 2009
Well done Mariquita! Those were GREAT pictures of Susan. I meant to ask if anyone else ever mentioned how after Susan's second, I believe it was, performance and she was being judged how Dec so sweetly rolled his lips in with pride on how Susan had a bad start and finished so well and then said how she wouldn't change a second of her time with BGT? Anyway, that one gesture so touched me.
bluewren commented on July 11, 2009
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