Molly Meldrum Interview on Australian TV, Sunrise, Part 2 - 12/9/09
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Submitted By: Anonymous on December 11, 2009
About the Video: The ultimate Susan Boyle interview. The superstar opens up to Molly Meldrum on Australian Television, on Sunrise.
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bhallettm commented on December 23, 2009
Susan still says the only way she can communicate is through music. Seems to be she was extremely articulate in this interview!
Linda Sharon commented on December 22, 2009
Love the poster( Silimon) who said it was a great interview cos they both understood each other. haha - we need an interpreter (and I speak English). And as for the 2nd interview interviewing the interviewer who said from tabloid stories n stuff she was a bit of a freak show - well I got a cream pie right here for his gob.
KathrynJ commented on December 19, 2009
Thanks for the interview Molly. I think Susan underestimates herself...she can communicate very well whether speaking to someone or singing. Love following your journey Susan...even though I'm far away in Australia - when are you coming over!
KarenLynne commented on December 15, 2009
What a great interview. When she started to cry, my eyes filled with tears. We're behind you Susan. The breeze is singing out your name.
pomsarepeople commented on December 13, 2009
Susan says, winking "I understand I'm doing quite well," when asked about her Number 1 CD. The woman doesn't even have to sing and she's is so entertaining. I love her energy here - great interview.
Jeana commented on December 13, 2009
Great interview. Susan seems to be relaxed with this guy.
Selimron commented on December 12, 2009
Susan, your Mother knows what you have accomplished.
spaeman commented on December 12, 2009
absolutely brilliant interview so open and honest
Moonie -Down Under commented on December 11, 2009
Stay true to yourself. thanks for the memories and that beautiful voice X
whiskers commented on December 11, 2009
Thanks, great interview.Score­10
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